Finding a competent tutor for physics tuition

In the last few decades, a large number of gadgets and appliances have been developed using the latest technologies. To understand how these gadgets are working, it is necessary to have a good understanding of physics. Many students in Singapore are interested in a science related career since there are more job and professional opportunities available. However, to get admission to the right college for a science career, the student should have a good understanding of physics. If the student is not getting good grades in school, parents should arrange for physics tuition can help to a large extent. 



Initially in Singapore, students are taught the different subjects in science initially. Then from Secondary 3, the student is taught the basic rules of physics. Though the number of physics laws is comparatively less, they can be used to explain a wide range of natural phenomenon like gravity, friction, light, heating. These laws of physics are also used for designing and repairing machines, appliances, gadgets and other items. The laws of physics are usually reduced to mathematical formulas based on the patterns which have been observed, so that they can be applied for explaining the universe.


Understanding physics

The performance of a student in physics depends on various factors like the interest of the student, teaching style, motivation and intelligence. Usually many young students have a lot of other distractions, so they are often not interested in physics. In school, the teacher may only focus on teaching the different formulas, and students may find it different to understand since it involves mathematical formulas. In other cases, students who are not very intelligent find it difficult to comprehend the laws of physics. Students who are not interest in academics may also not be motivated to study physics well.


Tuition requirement 

While students who are focused on a science or engineering career, would like to understand the different physics principles better, all students have to pass the physics exam at the O level or A level. So parents who find that their child is not being taught physics properly in school, are usually searching for a tutor who will give physics tuition explain the different principles of physics better. Compared to other subjects, physics is widely considered to be one of the most difficult subjects, so students who do not perform well academically, often require personalized help to understand the subject better. 


Finding a tutor

In Singapore, the student has to pass both the physics practical and theoretical exam. So most parents prefer to hire a home tutor who will visit the home a few hours weekly to teach the student, since it is easier to explain the different concepts. It is usually better to hire a tutor who has taught in a Singapore secondary school for some time, since he will be able to teach the student effective methods of studying physics. Champion tutors has a wide range of experienced qualified tutors listed for taking physics tuition. All the tutors are screened, to verify their qualifications, so that parents do not waste their time. 

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