Great Real Estate Projects in Singapore

Real estate companies turn out to make work easier for home buyers and sellers. They have provided platforms that make it easier for house buyers to look at several homes from the comfort of their couches. The websites of the companies showcase good houses with pictures and specifications.

If you’re looking for homes, it is important to browse through such websites because you will learn a lot, and you may end up getting your dream house over there. Let us discuss Singapore’s best real estate projects.

The Arden Condo at Phoenix Road

The Arden Condo is under the Choa Kang Planning area, a fast-growing residential town situated in the northwestern region. The project is near key roads such as the Phoenix Road, which connects that town well. There are also other critical social-economic facilities such as schools, hospitals, and places of worship near the property.

The property will be appealing to prospective buyers due to the serenity of the environment around it. It’s a natural-looking environment with a great relaxation ability. The condos are of good size and sold at an affordable price. The interconnection between the surrounding estates makes this property more valuable.

Perfect Ten Condo (Bukit Timah)

Perfect Ten Condo is a luxurious residential facility that is under construction. It is located in the serene estate of Bukit Timah. The condominium is surrounded by excellent housing facilities that ensure proper interactions with neighbors. The site will be between Rich Mansions, Martina Mansions, and Princeton. There is also proximity to major road networks such as Bukit Timah Road that eases movement to and from the facility, thus with a clear and proper check of all the mansions and condo sites, is the place to find your needs.

CK Assets Hlgs legally acquired the land on which the condominiums are built; therefore, any individual living in them should not worry about law cases. The property will be purely residential with approximately 24 stories high. This will enable individuals living on the top floors to have a cool view of the surrounding environment and see the beauty of nature.

The Commodore Condo at Canberra Drive

This condo structure is exemplary due to the comfort the owners will provide. It is located in District 27 in the Northern Region of the island. The development is under the Sembawang Planning Zone. This property is close to Watergardens Canberra, other residential properties under development. Although this property is smaller than all other properties, it is more squarish and regular in shape.

The Commodore Condo has a total site space of approximately 1.33 hectares and an additional space that makes it 1.4 hectares. Once it is completed, the condo will contain 220 units. Other immense developments within the vicinity include One Canberra, Yishun Sapphire, Springhill, The Essence, and many others. All these will guarantee you a good neighborhood once you start living at Commodore Condo.

Jervois Mansion

Jervois Mansion is also an upcoming residential property located in the Core Central Region at Prime 10 District of Singapore. The property is prime, close to great social-economic amenities such as churches, schools, hospitals, and Malaysian High Commission offices. The site for constructing this amenity is about 8 656 square meters making it to be considered the most extensive amenity in its neighborhood.

It consists of 20 units of 1 bedroom type, 25 units of 2 bedroom category and many other categories such as a five-bedroom unit. The size of most units in the property range from 46 square meters To 211 square meters. Most of these units are for individuals with family members needing a large space.

There are so many properties on the real estate websites of companies. It is upon you to find some websites which can give you a proper insight about these properties. Once on the sites, you can always contact the companies to get more information about the property.

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