Japanese Ramen Classes for Professionals

Every month, TECL conducts a professional cooking classes for chefs and restaurant owners whom are interested in learning the secrets of cooking authentic Japanese Ramen. The 2-day intensive class focuses on equipping the participant with the hands-on knowledge and techniques in cooking Japanese Ramen in a commercial setting. Participants will be imparted with time-tested methods in ensuring consistency in the food quality.

Who should attend?
– Individuals who are keen to set up their own ramen business
– Existing chefs that want to enhance their knowledge in ramen cuisine
– Homemakers whom want to serve authentic Japanese ramen that are only found in popular ramen shops in Japan.

Prior culinary experience is not necessary. TECL adopts a scientific approach to cooking. Throughout the course, Chef Jason will explain the scientific principles behind the recipes and processes so participants understands why things are done in a specific way. The course will also share the instruments used in our scientifically driven ramen kitchen so the entire cooking process is less chef-dependent.

Course Outline
The 2-day Cooking Class will cover:-
1. Understanding different types of bones and how they affect the broth
2. Cooking thick pork bone broth (Tonkotsu broth)
3. Cooking light chicken broth
4. Grilled pork belly (traditional method)
5. Grilled pork belly (NEW! using Sou Vide method)
6. Tamago (Flavoured eggs)
7. Preparing different types of flavoured oils
8. Preparing vegetable toppings
9.The importance of matching noodles with different types of broths.
10.Noodle making techniques and ingredients using Yamato Noodle Machine (same machine used by numerous top ramen restaurants in Japan and Singapore).

Participants has the option to extend their course with the following:-

1-day Business Consulting Session (conducted on the 3rd day)

Participants will attend a 6-hour lecture conducted by Chef Jason Lim on the following topics:-

Setting up
• Choosing a Restaurant Concept
• Menu planning
• Financial planning / Determine your Return of Investment
• Kitchen space planning and restaurant space design
• What are the equipment and utensil required?
• Typical restaurant setup milestones
• Preparing a lease proposal

• Planning a work roster
• Inventory management (Free templates – Inventory Acquisition Request form, Inventory tracking, Ingredient calculator)
• Pre-opening checks
• Closing checks
• Clean schedule
• Kitchen manager’s checklist
• Restaurant manager’s checklist
• Human resource – Job description of each kitchen position (Free templates – Employee Application Form template, Leave record template & Leave application template)
• Getting customers’  feedback

Dialogue Session
• Useful pitfalls to avoid
• Your first 3 months – what to expect.

1-Day attachment to a ramen restaurant
Participants will be attached to a ramen restaurant to observe and learn in a real-life environment where they are able to put what they have learn to good use. Instructors will be on-site to guide the participants.

Instructional Method
Lecture & Hands-on session, limited to 6 participants per session.
Ingredients are provided.

Course Fee
S$4,000 (4-day full ramen course with business consulting on the 3rd day)
S$1,200 (2-day ramen cooking class ONLY)
S$1,800 (1-day business consulting services with ramen restaurant set-up advisory ONLY)
S$1,000 (1-day ramen restaurant attachment ONLY)
Payable in advance to secure seating.

12th to 15th May – 1 more seat left
23rd to 26th June – Limited seats left
7th to 10th June – Register Now!
18th to 21st Aug – Register Now!
22nd to 25th Sept – Register Now!

Email us at ramen@TECL.sg to sign up.