Culinary Team-building

TECL brings a whole new dimension of human laboratory – the calculated experience of being creative in thoughts, actions and results with one another.


“The only source of knowledge is Experience.” – Albert Einstein

Drawn from the creative and fun experience of culinary discipline – we provide a platform like no other for teams to connect, correlate and conjured a recipe to rediscover, reenergize and reframe the possibility of team revitalisation.

We support the team’s emergence through

  • Real Experiences (Feeling)
  • Observable Behaviors (Watching)
  • Perceptive Reflections (Thinking)
  • Experimental Application (Doing)

How we do it?
TECL is the unique space for you to envision, plan and realise your corporate initiatives. We will partner you to engage your participants, charm your guests and accomplish your corporate goals via a universal language – Food.

Improving & renewing your team spirit is a continual process and at TECL, we have the Secret Recipe for you! We invite you to join us in our culinary challenges to stimulate communication, coordination and connect through preparation and eating together. Accelerate team success through various proven culinary team-building activities.

Our team building bonding ranges from 3 to 8 hours with a variety of culinary themes that is customized together with you to meet your unique needs an objective.

It’s Fun. It’s Delicious. It’s Comfort. It’s Therapeutic.

The event will be conducted by our team of professional chefs for the purpose of picking up a culinary skill and tips, promoting communication, connecting people and fostering relationships.

Contact us to discuss further.